After dominating Dubai’s dining and nightlife scene for over a decade in a row, DIFC’s first Italian restaurant, Roberto’s, has decided to go one step further and showcase the best of global mixology, in its new lounge bar , aptly named “Bar Scala”. ‘.

Presenting an exclusive and luxurious cocktail experience, Bar Scala will open its doors to the public from November 3rd. Open from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., the luxurious venue will feature a late-night DJ performance to add to the lively atmosphere.

Inspired by one of the most famous opera houses in the world, the bar is the perfect blend of innovation and nostalgia. The two masterminds behind this extravagant creation are none other than Roberto’s talented Bar Manager, Vasile Dorofeev and General Manager, Andrea Zampolini.

Vasile’s love for the Opera has been incorporated into Bar Scala’s menu, featuring a range of revitalizing and invigorating cocktails. Each drink representing a classic act, the number of ingredients in the drink is linked to the number of acts in each opera, along with philosophical, ethnic and gastronomic characteristics linked to the subject and place of action of each piece.

Vasile Dorofeev marks this trip as, “La Prima – translated from Italian The Premiere, a liquid journey of creation born from the synergy of the Italian Dolce Vita where simplicity is the highest expression of perfection. Bar Scala’s menu consists of 10 craft cocktails to commemorate a decade of experiences and memories adapted by Roberto’s and represent the evolution and new vision of the brand. La Prima is storytelling in the form of spirits and flavors, a liquid “opera libretto” of the most famous Italian operas.

Starting with a cocktail inspired by the famous opera number from The Swan Of Catania, He Pirata is a unique drink infused with Agua de Jamaica and Prickly Pear Rum. Inclusive of three acts is Miss Butterfly, composed of Kinobi Gin, Japan Blue Lillet and a perfectly bitter Suze. These new cocktails are a representation of La Scala’s high standards, which resonate with the refined taste and expectations of its customers.

Managing Director, Andrea Zampolini, commented on the opening, “We finally welcome the latest addition to Roberto’s place, “Bar Scala”, a statement to “Il Bere Bene – The right way to drink”.

“Thanks to the Bar Scala Academy, we will train new professionals and continue to deliver on our promise to customers by reinventing ourselves and creating new emotions. At Bar Scala the show continues when we close the ‘Sipario’ (Curtain in Italian With a live DJ set from 10 p.m. until late at night, Bar Scala becomes Scala Privé, and the night goes on. So, as they say, “break your leg” and enjoy the show.

With award-winning bartenders and delicate drinks, Bar Scala’s desires and aspirations will elevate traditional cocktails to inspiring new levels. Roberto’s group is ready to serve visitors simply the best they deserve.

Bar Scala was launched on Thursday 3rd November 2022


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