With a slew of new venues recently opened, complementing the award-winning establishments, the Peruvian restaurant scene in Dubai is booming. This can largely be attributed to the continued strengthening of Peru’s trade relations in the region, in particular the increase in exports and the availability of its key products, essential to the development of Peruvian cuisine, which relies on fresh, traditional ingredients. and unique.

Alvaro Silva-Santisteban, Director, Office of Commerce, Tourism and Investment of Peru in the GCC, comments; “The WATER has evolved gastronomically much faster than many other cosmopolitan cities. Jtoday, the country is home to a myriad of restaurants offering a wide range of different dishes the unique and diversified gastronomy of Peru, highlighting the exceptional flavors, techniques and judicious use of ingredients.

These new restaurants are led by a dedicated group of creative chefs who have introduced a variety of traditional and contemporary dishes, using the freshest ingredients to establish their national identity. As UAE consumers become more health conscious and conscious about what they eat, Peruvian food, produce and products tick all the boxes.

“Peru is committed to supporting the UAE’s food security strategy by developing international partnerships to diversify its food sources. Our country offers access to a variety of high-quality products available year-round, including vegetables, fruits, grains, oils and fish that are produced using sustainable and socially responsible farming methods. Peru is now ranked among the world’s top three exporters of asparagus, avocados, mangoes, grapes, berries and quinoa,” added Silva-Santisteban.

Here’s a roundup of Peruvian restaurants that opened in Dubai in the first half of 2022:

Clay, Blue waters. Chief Jolbi Huacho. Nikkei (Peruvian-Japanese)

Signature Dishes: Moriawase al Fuego; Sake tiradito, Katsu VSlengthenand Lucuma Lava.

Fusion Ceviche, JLT. Chef Penelope Diaz. Authentic Peruvian cuisine.

Signature dishes: Ceviche, Arroz with Mariscos, Cabrito at the nortenaand Shisha Morada.

Cafe Laredo, Kitchen Cloud (delivery only). Chief Tony Moche.

Signature Dishes: Lomo saltado, Brasa Pollo, ceviche and Seco.

Playa, Palm West Beach, Palm Jumeirah. Chef Carlo Valentino. Cevicheria by the beach. Nikki.

Signature Dishes: Ceviche Playa Clasico, Bar Tiradito, Scallop Nigiriand Arroz con mariscos.


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