Connecting with Clients by Phone—Solo CPA John Gruninger


What do you like most about your job?

When people ask me what I do, I usually respond with “I do tax returns.” I have a small firm and I know each client personally. Here’s how I go about preparing a tax return. First, I ask the client to send me all their information. Once all the information is entered into my software (that part isn’t too fun), the part of my job that I love happens.

I call the customer. We usually catch up on our personal business, then I ask my questions. These questions are where the value I provide lies. After 28 tax seasons, I know what to ask for, and I believe my clients appreciate it very much. I love those annual phone calls – we could discuss the tax implications of a son starting college in a few years, or a daughter getting married, or a spouse jumping into the gig economy. Either way, it creates a human connection for me and the client. Sometimes I can feel that the client I’m talking to seems a little lonely, I usually tell them jokingly to call me in August because no one calls me in August.

The phone call is what I like.

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Author Information

John Gruninger, of John Gruninger CPA, PLLC in Syracuse, NY, has been a certified public accountant since 1994 and an independent practitioner since 2002.


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