How to tiptoe your clients into luxury


Luxury travelers are either born or created. Some people are lucky enough to have experienced the finer things in life from an early age, while others become luxury travelers as their finances and priorities change over the years. Many travel advisors find that once someone has had a taste of high-end travel, they are ready to continue down that path.

Here are some of the ways you can grow your current customer base into luxury travelers.

Attentive listening

Listening carefully is the most important thing a travel consultant can do. People are often ready to upgrade to a more premium travel experience at certain times in their lives. When your customers get promotions, have college-graduating kids, or retire, they can have more financial freedom when it comes to travel. A client who doesn’t typically fit the mold of a luxury traveler may want to splurge when celebrating special milestones, so advisors should monitor those situations as well.

Pain points

When contacting your customers after a trip, carefully note any pain points to ensure you can direct them to a more lenient solution next time. For example, if a tall customer complains of cramped legs on the plane, suggest a first class seat. Or if they’ve realized that sometimes you get what you pay for and their resort doesn’t provide the relaxing experience they wanted, this is a great way to share the value of more upscale options.

An evolution

You don’t need to convert your customers into luxury travelers all at once. You can take things slow, depending on their comfort level. Maybe they’d like to upgrade from a balcony stateroom to a suite on their next cruise. Or maybe keep them in a balcony stateroom, but on a high-end cruise line. Either way, you’ll want to expose the incredible value that luxury travel can bring, not just in terms of comfort, but also in the kinds of services and amenities that suddenly become available to them.

Keep in mind that travelers who upgrade may set different priorities. They can forego a premium airline seat and five-star hotel for a private guide and immersive experiences. Let customers define what is most luxurious for them.


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