Head to Farzi Dubai this Diwali for an exclusive feast elevating traditional Indian flavors to the dizzying heights of modern gastronomy. Throwing their trademark theatrical flair at the 21st Festival of Lightsst-24e In October, the modern Indian bistro will launch two specially designed three-course sharing-style menus, a vegetarian menu priced at AED 130 per person and a meat version priced at AED 150 per person, including all those very Diwali dishes. liked #Farzified.

Kicking off the celebrations in style for vegetables, a selection of salads and chaats will include a fresh salad made with locally sourced kale and mango, topped with crumbled feta and toasted pecans; and the Palak Patta Chaat on social media – vibrant green spinach fritters, beetroot pink yogurt and mint-tamarind chutney creating an exciting tangle of sweet and sour flavors piled high and eaten like nachos. Appetizers such as Lahori Paneer Tikka served with fluffy pesto naan, Farzi’s famous Dal Chawal Arancini mashup bringing together the best of Italy and India and a golden stack of samosas fresh from the deep fryer, will make diners fight for the last crumbs.

Meatless entrees designed to be shared and savored with loved ones include herb-crusted paneer tikka with rich makhani sauce and fenugreek-infused slow-cooked lentil stew and freshly baked bread and pulao. Those who choose to take their Diwali culinary journey with a little extra meat can slip into a similar menu with the addition of some of Farzi’s excellent chicken dishes. These include a spectacular Murgh Tikka Pasanda; new Farzi dish, the Afghani Pista Korma – a culinary hybrid mixing stuffed chicken tikka with pistachio sauce served with a fierce and chewy chili naan; and a zesty lemon chicken biryani served with a refreshing vegetable raita.

Whichever menu guests choose, both will be crowned with an unforgettable dessert. This year the team have created something really special – a selection of Diwali sweets sprinkled with lots of Farzi flair. A rich pistachio gulab jamun; a creamy avocado-based kulfi and a Mawa Phirni – a comforting saffron-infused rice pudding topped with a sweet samosa,

What is Diwali?

Diwali is a festival of lights and one of the main holidays celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. The festival usually lasts for five days and is celebrated during the Hindu lunisolar month Kartika between mid-October and mid-November. One of the most popular festivals in Hinduism, Diwali symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. It is widely associated with the goddess Lakshmi, who symbolizes three virtues: wealth and prosperity, fertility and bountiful harvests, and good fortune.

The Diwali menu at Farzi Dubai will be available from October 21 to 24, 2022 at both Farzi locations and costs AED 130 per person for the vegetarian menu and AED 150 per person for the regular menu. For more information on Farzi Café, visit For reservations at City Walk 0526892012 and Mall of Emirates 0504075590


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