Inflation in the UK: which goods and services have risen in price the most? | Inflation


Last month, inflation returned to double digits, according to the latest figures, reaching 10.1%. Soaring food and drink prices were the main driver of this increase, with an annual increase of almost 15%, the fastest annual increase in more than 42 years.

The Office for National Statistics has compiled the overall figure using the Consumer Price Index, but also records the increase in prices for individual goods and services. Here, we break down how these everyday items have grown over the past year.

In each case, the figure is the percentage change in the 12-month average price to September 2022, and on many occasions the rate has reached an even higher level than in August.

Food and drink

Skimmed milk 42.1%
Butter 28.0%
Pasta and couscous 22.7%
Olive oil 27.2%
Margarine and other vegetable fats 30.5%
Jams, marmalades and honey 28.1%
Sauces, condiments, salt, spices and culinary herbs 22.1%
Cheese and curd 23.1%
Ready meals 19.0%
Potatoes 19.9%
Eggs 22.3%
Yogurt 12.8%
Pork 14.6%
Edible ices and ice cream 11.5%
Fish 13.5%
Bread 14.6%
Pizzas and quiches 9.7%
Fruit 8.8%
Rice 6.8%
Sugar 4.7%

Mineral or spring waters 21.3%
Fruit and vegetable juice 14%
Coffee 15.4%
Tea 12.1%
Non-alcoholic beverages 9%
Beer 3.9%
Spirits 2.4%
Wine 2.6%

Electricity, gas and other fuels

Gas boiler

Liquid fuels 102.2%
Gas 102.2%
Electricity 54.0%
Solid fuels 31.7%

Clothes and shoes


Baby and children’s clothing 6.9%
Footwear for babies and children 11.5%
Women’s clothing 8.6%
Women’s shoes 7.1%
Men’s clothing 10.4%
Men’s shoes 3.2%
Clothing accessories 7.1%

Household items and furniture

An iron

Garden furniture 14.2%
Heaters and air conditioners 21.6%
Irons 10.6%
Refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers 14.3%
Glassware and porcelain 12.2%
Ranges 10.8%
Bed linen 6%
Lighting equipment 7.6%
Rugs and carpets 5.8%

Vehicles and passenger transport

A car

Used cars 2.4%
New cars 6.9%
Bicycles 6.0%
Motorcycles 2.2%

By air 35.7%
By train 9%
By metro and tram 5.1%
By bus and coach 8.8%
By sea and inland waterway 0.3%

Hospitality and leisure


Hotels and motels 16.6%
Holiday centres, campsites and youth hostels 13.2%
Cinemas, theaters and concerts 4.2%
Museums, libraries and zoos 5%
Fast food and takeaway 11.5%
Restaurants and cafes 8.2%
Canteens 7.6%

Other hobby items


Garden products 14.7%
Pet products 18.5%
Sports equipment 12%
Veterinary and other pet services 10.5%
Sports equipment 12%
Plants and flowers 9.8%


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