State Roundup: Abortion Clients Seek Maryland Clinics; Mosby’s trial in March

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MARYLAND ABORTION PROVIDERS BECOME A SHELTER FOR OUT-OF-STATE CLIENTS: Off Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, just south of Interstate 270 and not far from where abortion opponents are known to hang out in the median and protest, is one of the few abortion clinics in the United States which offers abortions in the later stages of pregnancy and has seen an increase in the number of patients. Maryland abortion providers report that they see the impact of the overturning of Roe v. Wade as increasing numbers of out-of-state patients and even staff from closed healthcare facilities come to their doorsteps. Abby ZimTuesday/Capital News Service in Maryland Reporter

MOSBY TRIAL DELAY MEANS MORE TIME IN THE OFFICE: The federal trial of outgoing Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby has been pushed back to end of Marchwith jury selection beginning on March 23 instead of the date originally scheduled for this week. Banner of Justin Fenton/Baltimore

  • The delay in Mosby’s federal trial for perjury and mortgage fraud means Mosby, who lost his bid for a third term as Baltimore’s chief prosecutor in the July primaries, will be able to fulfill the last four months from his job, which translates to an income of about $75,000. Fern Shen / Baltimore Brewery
  • Some experts are questioning the timing of Mosby’s announcement to seek a new trial for the convicted man featured in the podcast series, Adnan Syed. The moment is questioned because Mosby faces four federal charges and the trial is still making headlines. Mikenzie Frost/WBFF

JUDGING TO FOLLOW SEALING RULES AFTER LETTERS FROM THE PRESS: The judge handling the criminal case of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has canceled previous orders sealing documents from public view after a group of news outlets wrote letters opposing the practice. Madeiline O’Neill / The Daily Record

KELLYANNE CONWAY TO SPEAK IN MD: Former adviser to President Donald Trump and conservative pundit Kellyanne Conway will headline an annual fundraising event for the Maryland Republican Party next week. Sam Janesch/Baltimore Sun

COX FILES MOTION OBJECTING EARLY COUNTING OF MAIL-IN VOTES: Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox said Thursday he was intervening in the legal effort by Maryland election officials to count mail-in ballots early in the upcoming November election — a move that election workers and observers have called for, but which Cox said would violate state law. Sam Janesch/Baltimore Sun

COX SWIVEL MAIL LIKE PLUS IN THE MIDDLE: Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox ran as the candidate on Wednesday with a “medium temperament approach” ready to work across the aisle to improve the lives of families and children. It’s a pivot away from his hardline stances on abortion, his ties to former President Donald Trump and his denial of the 2020 presidential election results. Ovetta Wiggins/Washington Post

VERY DIFFERENT IDEAS FOR PROPOSED SCHOOLS IN THE GOVERNOR’S RACE: The two gubernatorial candidates are in competition with very different educational platforms in a state that is home to more than 882,000 public school students. Here is an overview of their ideas and comments on education. Lillian Reed/Baltimore Sun

CHILDREN LIVING IN OFFICE BUILDINGS, HOTELS: The foster children live in hotels across the state and spend nights in a commercial office building in downtown Baltimore when no other options are available, a state agency failure oversee local social services, depending on who represents and cares for the children. Hallie Miller and Liz Bowie/Baltimore Banner

CHALLENGERS SAY TITULATING US REPRESENTATIVES ARE AFRAID TO DEBATE: The congressional challengers said Thursday they were struggling to get their opponents of the debatefrom the East Coast-based 1st District to the Central Maryland 3rd District. Bruce DePuyt/Maryland Matters

BALTIMORE ADMITS PROBLEMS IN HANDLING E. coli: Public works and municipal agents faux pas admitted In their response to the recent E. coli scare in West Baltimore on Thursday, acknowledging that there was room for improvement in their emergency approach and communication with residents, “disgusted” board members stood complained. Adam Willis/Baltimore Banner

AMTRAK RESUMES SERVICE AFTER AGREEMENT REACHED TO STOP RAIL STRIKE: Passenger rail systems in the Washington area and across the country dodged a crisis on Thursday as the White House announced a tentative agreement to avoid a rail strike which threatened to disrupt travel across the country. Luz Lazo, Ian Duncan and Natalie Compton/The Washington Post

PORTRAIT OF CUMMINGS UNVEILED DURING A MOBILE CEREMONY: A portrait of Baltimore artist Jerrell Gibbs of the late US Representative Elijah Cummings now hangs in the Washington DC room of the committee he chaired, the US House Government Oversight and Reform Committee. “We remember a giant. A giant of American history. A giant no [only] for Democrats or Republicans, but a giant for our country. A giant for our children,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. William Ford/Maryland Matters


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