Undecided on what to order? Try Spin The Meal from Deliveroo!


Deliveroo UAE is on a mission to help all foodies save valuable time with the “Spin the Meal” complimentary gift. Did you know? In a recent online survey conducted by YouGov, Deliveroo discovered that 43% of foodies in the UAE spend almost 20 minutes trying to decide on their next meal when ordering online. That’s up to 60 minutes a day, 7 hours a week, more than one day a month, and more than 12 days a year! According to research, dinner is also the meal that takes the longest to order.

With the UAE’s ever-growing F&B options, it’s safe to say that foodies across the country are spending way too much time trying to answer the million dollar question: what should I order? Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midday snack, making that final decision on what to eat always takes longer than one would like.

Say goodbye to wasted time and let the wheel of fate choose your next meal. Designed like an interactive fridge magnet, Deliveroo’s ‘Spin the Meal’ wheel features 14 options for customers to solve their puzzle. The options on the wheel range from Italian, Mexican to sweet tooth desserts. ‘Spin the Meal’ will ensure that no run to the fridge is completely wasted. If what’s in the fridge isn’t ‘inspiring’ enough, a quick spin will help customers find a satisfying choice for their next meal. It’s also a hassle-free solution for group order scenarios so you can actually start that movie night on time!

“Spin The Meal” will be offered with every order placed with Deliveroo Editions between September 12 and 14, while stocks last. Fear not, for those who don’t receive one with their order, customers can also try Deliveroo’s Instagram filter by searching for ‘Spin the Meal’.

By adding more than just a fun component to your fridge, Deliveroo’s ‘Spin the Meal’ will also save customers from those thoughtless long scrolls. Don’t wait any longer for that light bulb moment with ‘Spin the Meal’ helping the town pick its next fateful bite!


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