Radisson Hotel Group reinvents the hybrid concept of offices and meetings


The hotel group noted that the “modern office” has been redefined globally to incorporate the flexibility of working from home, working in a space that offers the comforts of home but with state-of-the-art facilities and business support. high level. , or a mixture of both. As a result, Radisson Hotel Group is proud to talk about its added value and how best businesses and individuals can use it.

Hybrid rooms offer a home office environment – with extras

Radisson has therefore created the Hybrid Room concept, which combines the equipment of a modern office with the comfort of a contemporary hotel room.. “So if an executive is on a business trip, they’ll have everything they need in one place – free, fast and secure Wi-Fi, excellent video conferencing capabilities, printing service, a portable HDMI and USB hub, a charger, and adapters, and a portable Bluetooth speaker (on request)”, said Tim Cordon, senior vice president of the Middle East and Africa region at Radisson Hotel Group.

Connect global teams

“As business returns to the ‘new normal’ and meetings, conferences and events begin again, businesses and brands are once again meeting in person, but with the need to incorporate digital connectivity as they have realized the value – and cost savings – of being able to connect locally and globally in the same space, at the same time,” said Cordon.

“It means having meeting rooms that meet this demand for hybrid encounters, as well as accommodation structures that meet this need. Radisson Hotel Group has always prided itself on the exceptional quality of its hotels’ meeting and conference facilities, many of which are now augmented with state-of-the-art technology to ensure seamless digital meeting and conference experiences.

Partnership with Zoom for an enhanced digital experience

Radisson’s partnership with Zoom, the leading digital conferencing platform, is another way the brand is continually innovating to enhance the experience of its business customers.

“This partnership provides our business customers with the best possible seamless communication experience – from wireless presenting and one-click sharing to intuitive presenting with fewer touchpoints,” says Cordon. “And with security always being a top priority, robust security settings are also in place to ensure uninterrupted meetings.”

Targeted solutions

“Radisson Hotel Group understands that each industry has specific and individual requirements when it comes to hosting a meeting, event, conference or exhibition.” Cordon said, “So we are tailoring our offerings to ensure that the experiences of customers across multiple industries are fully aligned with their needs and expectations.”

Globally, Radisson has hosted events for guests from various industries, from finance and healthcare to automotive, sports and entertainment. “We recognize the importance of each sector in our social, financial and cultural economies, which is why we place great importance on organizing meetings, events and conference experiences that correspond to the needs and expectations of every industry, said Cordon.

Sports teams

For traveling sports teams, for example, the Radisson Hotel Group is the first and only hotel company to offer a name for sports groups, with skills adapted to this specialty market. “Our Approved for sports The program responds to the needs of the athletes,” said Cord, “with services designed to allow a traveling sports team to rest, regroup and recharge while remaining focused on their goals. We even share a “sports group CV” with our employees, so that they are equipped to meet the specific needs of the sports team”.

Exhibitions and major events

Within Radisson’s portfolio of hotels, there is a selection of larger venues that can accommodate conventions, exhibitions, conferences and major product launches. Radisson appoints a single point of contact for event planners to streamline the planning, management and execution of events at venues. You will also have access to business centers, one-stop catering solutions and on-site visa assistance.

Health events

The healthcare sector has specific ethical and regulatory requirements that govern the industry, and the Radisson ensures its teams are equipped with knowledge and understanding of all applicable regulatory codes. “Our Health care are designed to save healthcare customers time and money and deliver operational excellence while being part of their enterprise risk management solution,” said Cordon. “Compliance is critical in the healthcare industry, which is why the Radisson supports a rigorous review process of its key healthcare sites to ensure compliance with specific requirements, and uses tools to optimize the compliance process. approval, which saves time during on-site inspections.”

Serving the entertainment industry

The Radisson offers a program designed to meet the specific travel and hospitality needs of the entertainment industry. “Services, facilities, privacy and security are all aimed at supporting our clients in the entertainment industry, whether they are facilitating film and television productions, celebrity trips, band and show tours, or fashion shows. fashion on the spot”, concludes Cordon.


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