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UK. Currency and financial services provider ChangeGroup has entered into a long-term contract to provide currency exchange services at London’s St. Pancras International station. The deal will see ChangeGroup operate two money changers and ten ATMs at the travel centre.

Services to be provided include fast travel money, international bank transfers and redemption cover will be offered, as well as concession banking to support other operators within the resort.

“As the travel industry continues to rebound, we are committed to aggressively expanding to provide essential services and improve the experience for as many travelers as possible.” – Sacha Zackariya, CEO and co-founder of ChangeGroup International

ChangeGroup – which served more than 4.1 million customers in 2019 – noted that these services will particularly appeal to those boarding the Eurostar to mainland Europe, which operates on the HS1 railway from St. Pancras International.

More than 15 staff members have been appointed to operate the two new branches, and ChangeGroup said it hopes to employ seven more people before the end of the year.

ChangeGroup branches offer foreign exchange services in over 50 currencies, while ATMs can dispense up to three major currencies.

Travelers at St. Pancras International Station will have access to a wide range of financial services through ChangeGroup

ChangeGroup International CEO and Co-Founder Sacha Zackariya said: “As the travel industry continues to rebound, we are committed to expanding aggressively to provide essential services and improve the experience for as many travelers as possible.

He added: “St. Pancras International is an essential travel hub, helping millions of passengers cross London and tThis new agreement means that ChangeGroup now operates in a key access point in London in addition to two of the city’s four main airports.

St. Pancras International is one of the largest stations in the UK and is approaching the number of users in the pre-COVID-19 pandemic, when the station served around 50 million people a year.

As well as providing a terminus for various domestic routes, St. Pancras International is home to Eurostar services, which carries travelers to a number of destinations across France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Wendy Spinks, International Commercial Director of St. Pancras at HS1, said: “We are delighted to welcome ChangeGroup to our iconic station, where they will provide travelers with useful monetary and financial services, especially for those who need cash for quick travel before heading abroad on the Eurostar.”

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