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Real-Time Data Management Analytics Platform Expands Portfolio of Sustainability Options

Travel management data analytics specialist Travelogix has entered into an agreement with Thrust Carbon to support customers’ efforts to achieve net xero status.

The integration will see flight, train, hotel and car rental data automatically pushed from the back-office and back-office systems of TMC and other booking channels to Thrust Carbon via Travelogix.

Thrust Carbon technology was developed to enable businesses to achieve net zero through better data, intelligence and software solutions.

Kit Brennan, Founder and Director of Thrust Carbon, said, “This is an essential step in enabling a wide range of TMCs to report, reduce and remove customer emissions with powerful integration.

“Data is quite simply the engine of digital transformation. By working so closely with Travelogix, we can deliver best-in-class emissions data for their entire TMC and customer portfolio effortlessly. Together, we are leading our shared customer base towards net zero”

Chris Lewis, Founder and Managing Director of Travelogix, added, “This exciting partnership further extends our portfolio of sustainability options to all of the TMCs we serve here at Travelogix.

“We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of industry and customer demands, and topics such as duty of care and, of course, sustainability, are high on the agenda for most trips. business.

“Thrust Carbon is making great strides in sustainability and carbon offsetting for TMCs in the business travel market, and we are excited about this partnership and what it means more broadly for our customers when choosing ‘a suitable enduring partner.’


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