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David has the ability to inspire and lead his team while continuing to fight at the forefront and his ability to communicate and comfort owners and external stakeholders are just a few of the traits where David stands out. distinctly from many of his contemporaries. Despite the difficult times, the hotels were able to maintain a retention rate of over 90%, demonstrating loyalty to his team and commitment to each other. All team members have played an important role in supporting the well-being of others amid social distancing. Whether it’s keeping the team healthy and in shape by organizing isolated fitness programs, fun races or simply providing new ways to be entertained such as hobbies at home, sharing stories or cooking ideas, David is committed to supporting everyone’s mental well-being. Looking back, the teams not only went through 2020 with a smile, but they were also able to meet the budget and forecast for the second half of 2020, a remarkable achievement given the circumstances. As far as finances for 2021 are concerned, hotels are on track and ahead of budget for the first 6 months. His colleagues and team members will assure you; David is not only someone who lives and breathes hospitality, he is a true leader who not only looks after business continuity but also understands what is needed to meet stakeholder expectations, employees and communities. “David is a very talented and very experienced General Manager who not only faced the daunting challenges of opening three full-service hotels in three years, while continuing to manage them all, but managed to navigate his way through the growing market share of the pandemic, maintaining high levels of guest satisfaction and exceeding financial expectations.While David has many accomplishments to be proud of, including being the first hotel to organize a day of vaccination with DHA, he is especially proud of not laying off any employees despite the challenges of the pandemic, speaks volumes about his character,” said Bert Fol, Regional Director for the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. East, Radisson Hotel Group.

Leading three hotel openings with a total of 1046 rooms in 4 years, in a competitive market, was not difficult enough, the biggest challenge has been the uncertainty of the past 16 months. Throughout the past year, the tourism and hospitality industry has obviously been affected by the crisis, which has led most hotels around the world to close temporarily due to a low rate of occupancy or restrictions. There is no doubt that it has been a difficult time for everyone, but regardless of the circumstances, David would always try to maintain composure, emphasizing his commitment to his team, ensuring that everyone’s well-being comes first while refusing to compromise on anyone’s job security. David has not only managed to retain all 369 team members across the three hotels, despite the very difficult cash flow situation the hotels have been through during the pandemic, he has also secured business during the hard hit period of strict lockdowns and travel restrictions, working closely with Dubai Healthcare departments and offering support. While many were hesitant, David recognized early on that this new type of business would help them survive and get through the toughest months. As the first weeks of lockdown and the COVID-19 landscape and over 700 returnee stays, teams had to learn to fully adapt. Between PPE equipment, strict hygiene measures and self-isolating returnees, David made sure to stay close to his team, while supporting and guiding them on this honorable journey. From controlling expenses, repurposing the hotel for essential service use and temporarily closing another, David had to consider many factors, but never forgot his responsibility to the members of his team. Throughout the lockdown, David never set foot outside the hotel, ensuring his teams were taken care of and never shy away from asking questions. He made it a point to address all concerns as much as possible through personal interactions at the hotel as well as weekly newsletters. At the top of the agenda; transparency and support. Although the hospitality industry had one of its most difficult years in terms of cash flow, David had made it a priority to support those who were having financial difficulties, whether it was rent or other commitments, through temporary accommodation in one of the hotels or financial support when possible. . In terms of revenue, the group recorded a record profit conversion of 19.7 million, a great achievement that could only be achieved by a great team working under an outstanding leader.


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