DidaTravel B2B customers can access flights on the new portal


Alongside this new development, the technology-driven integrated travel service provider’s dynamic packaging technology, which will be integrated at the end of 2022, also offers its travel-buying customers the additional possibility of combining flights with accommodation for increase ancillary income.

DidaTravel diversifies into the sale of flights with a new portal
DidaTravel diversifies into the sale of flights with a new portal

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Diversifying into selling flights, DidaTravel launched its multi-GDS B2B flight booking portal, which includes access to full-service carriers, low-cost carriers and new distribution capacity content.

The technology-driven integrated travel services provider’s 23,000 B2B buyers worldwide can now access flights from more than 500 airlines to fly to more than 20,000 destinations worldwide.

With dynamic packaging technology that includes cross-selling tools en-route and post-booking, customers will have the added ability to combine flights with accommodation to increase ancillary revenue as well.

Accommodation flight packaging is currently available through the company’s new flight booking engine or as an XML/API integration, with dynamic packaging to be integrated in late 2022.

DidaTravel customers also have the option to manually check flight prices.

DidaTravel customers can now access flights from over 500 airlines to fly to over 20,000 destinations worldwide

To lead this latest development, Jason Guan, General Manager of the Flight Business Unit, leads a new team of specialists with expertise in systems analysis and design, architecture and modeling. systems, development and coding, as well as testing and implementation.

Guan, who joined the company last year, reports directly to Rikin Wu, founder and CEO of DidaTravel.

Guan said, “We have built a team of top professionals to provide our 23,000 B2B travel buying customers with the best booking technology and customer support available. We have an ambitious expansion plan that adds value to all tourism stakeholders.

According to Wu, DidaTravel partners have been asking for flight products for years and the company has decided to use the pandemic downtime to allocate resources to building this new portal for flight reservations.

He is confident that DidaTravel’s unique dynamic packaging capabilities and Guan’s leadership will allow his flight business to grow and grow.

Founded in 2012, DidaTravel is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has over 300 employees across eight offices around the world.

The company works with travel buying customers worldwide, including travel agencies, tour operators, wholesalers, OTAs, TMCs and airlines.

In addition, it has a portfolio of more than 51,500 direct hotel contracts from competitors, as well as 700,000 hotel products supplied by approximately 600 global suppliers, covering more than 200 countries and regions.

Prior to the pandemic, DidaTravel sold hotel reservations in China and the Asia-Pacific region for over $700 million in 2019.

To learn how to tap into DidaTravel’s vast network of travel agencies, tour operators, wholesalers, OTAs, TMCs, airlines and hotels, visit www.didatravel.com.


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