Valletta boutique hotels receive complaints from guests about outdoor music


Rules allowing bars in Valletta to play music outside until 1 a.m. are disrupting business at boutique hotels, a senior executive has warned.

Kevin Callus, of AX Group, said there is consensus among boutique hotel operators in Valletta that rule changes introduced earlier this summer are leading to many complaints from customers .

“Bars are an integral part of the Valletta experience and we need to learn to live together. The type of tourist who lives in boutique hotels is not one to stay late at night and party. They normally go out for dinner and return to the hotel at 10:30 p.m. to rest,” Callus said during an interview on TVM Newsplus’ Xtra Sajf.

He added that hotels have invested in noise reduction measures, but in the middle of the night music can still be heard.

The government issued a legal notice earlier this summer allowing bars and restaurants on several streets in Valletta to play outdoor music until 1 a.m. Previously, they could only play music until 11 p.m.

Residents have complained about the rule changes, insisting outdoor music disturbs their peace.

The legal notice states that outdoor music after 11pm should be played ‘moderately’, but this term is not qualified.

Callus said enforcement was important, but insisted the term “moderate” was too vague and open to interpretation. “It needs to be better defined because as it is, it’s too vague.”


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