Jumeira Rotana announced its partnership with Gypsy Chinese


Jumeira Rotana announced its partnership with Gypsy Chinese, a restaurateur specializing in Indochinese cuisines, to complement the dining experience for hotel guests and visiting diners.

Ulrich Hoffmeister, Managing Director of Jumeira Rotana, said: “We are delighted to have found a partner who fits perfectly with the quality and standards for which Rotana Hotels are renowned. This partnership will greatly contribute not only to the performance of the hotel, but above all to the satisfaction of our customers by offering an even more diversified dining experience.

“We are confident that our partner will satisfy every guest’s desire with delicious East Asian cuisines,” Ulrich added.

Gypsy Chinese has been in the market for decades and allows any visitor to experience a culinary journey through ancient Chinese regions such as: Manchuria, Canton, Schezwan and Shanghai.

Mahesh Shukla, Owner and Managing Director of Gypsy Chinese, said, “Gypsy Chinese has created a name in the UAE as a tribute to that of Mumbai, to enjoy the same taste and delicious Chinese cuisines in Dubai.

Gypsy Chinese is now open to all diners living in the heart of bustling Dubai. Located on the ground floor of Jumeira Rotana, 2n/a December Street.


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