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The Brantford-born victim of an alleged sex trafficking scheme testified throughout the day in Cayuga court on Monday and is expected to be on the stand for much of the week.

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The woman, now 20, looked very young in a dark gray hoodie and testified calmly in the fall of 2018 when the court heard she had been driven to various hotels in southern Ontario as a group of Caledonia residents organized drugs, advertisements for sexual services and dates. with men.

“Customers were basically all day, every day,” said the woman, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban.

“I slept five or six hours. The first week, I ate every other day, but over time I had less and less food.

Four Caledonia residents face charges of trafficking and controlling the young woman while profiting from her sex work. They are: Daniel Campbell, 36, Joshua Hillock, 32, Dragisa Lucic, 30, and Crystal-Anne Marier, 36, all who have pleaded not guilty to multiple counts and all believed to be from from Caledonia. Charges against a fifth person, Carly Creor, 27, have been separated from the others and she will face a separate trial on human trafficking charges.

The victim testified that a group of five people made all the arrangements for her to have sex with a parade of men, mostly in hotel rooms but sometimes in the men’s cars and homes.

The woman was advertised as “small and sweet, very small” and available for incoming and outgoing calls.

“I was terrified of the calls from the car,” the woman said. “I told Carly several times that I was scared and she was like ‘Well’.”

The woman also said that she had informed the group that she would not perform certain sexual acts, but they berated her for not wanting the extra money such acts would bring and continued to send men who expected these acts.

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The group watched the 18-year-old girl carefully, constantly checking in with her through text messages and visits where they collected all the money she collected, she testified.

The woman believed she was in a relationship with Campbell, who was 34 at the time, and he assured her he was putting his money aside and planning to take her to open a bank account.

Members of the group brought the young woman medication for which she did not pay. The victim said she was not allowed to sleep whenever she wanted and sometimes those who were watching her “come and started screaming” to wake her up.

” I had to work. They looked really mean. Looks like they’re going to attack me. I got up and apologized,” she said.

The woman said Campbell, who told her to call him ‘dad’, put some sort of app on her phone that sometimes locked her so she couldn’t even enter her password or use the phone .

“I would have to ask Dan and literally beg him to unlock my phone and if I apologized or started listening he would let me in,” she said.

A respite was granted when the victim was menstruating.

She told the court that she stayed with Hillock and her mother for a few days and at one point was taken to the group’s large new home in Caledonia, but they insisted on blindfolding her for the car ride so she wouldn’t be able to identify the area.

Crown Attorney Susan Orlando of the Ontario Human Trafficking Prosecutions Team asked her what she saw there and the woman said she saw drugs and weapons on fire, but that she also had to “hide” at home when she was there because Marier was mad at her over her relationship with Campbell.

The trial continues on Tuesday.

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