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Bettridge told the conference how she sought to reassure the client and planned to document her own experiences traveling around the city to reassure him.

“It’s about trying to explain to people how things really are. I don’t think the media coverage does us any good,” she added.

Bettridge said the cruise industry “needs to be very careful and aware” of developments and stressed that his line is “still monitoring the situation”.

“I know every cruise line would never put their crew, ships and customers at risk,” she added.

Discussing the conflict in Ukraine during his keynote address, Clia UK & Ireland President and Royal Caribbean International EMEA Vice President Ben Bouldin said he appreciated that many industry players ” have significant concerns about the events unfolding on our doorstep.”

“Our best wishes and thoughts go out to all those affected,” he said, later telling delegates how he believed “tourism is a force for good.”

“Travel opens the mind. It’s been true for centuries and it will remain so. It brings cultures together and brings people together and introduces a balance of thought that is so important to this world.

“For those of us who work in the travel industry, we hold these values. Our industry is resilient – but it’s also nimble – and we have demonstrated an enormous ability to overcome adversity and we will continue to do so.

During the conference, suitcases full of toiletries and hygiene products for Ukrainian refugees were donated by delegates with a collection for the Hungarian Red Cross organized by Clia at the event hotel.


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