An Extraordinary Ramadan Experience Gathered at GIA


The refined and casual Italian restaurant GIA presents a quintessential Iftar menu emphasizing your favorite Italian flavors paired with art and style. In the true spirit of Ramadan, the fixed menu concept is a great opportunity for families and friends to come together and create memorable moments while the food is brought to the table. Recipes and artisanal flavors that have been selected by the chef, his inspiration was found in traditional homemade dishes, creating a sumptuous culinary journey of Italian cuisine.

GIA offers guests an elaborate Iftar menu served directly at the table for a family-style sharing experience. Starting with a selection of a traditional variety of soups mixed with a healthy blend of spring vegetables induced with chef’s spices for added flavor. The appetizer platter is a real crowd pleaser offering something for every palette, including the chef’s special Burrata e Pomodorini, a classic take on a signature burrata dusted with basil, pesto and taggiasche olives oozing the tangy and savory flavors of each dish.. Main courses include a tasty Spaghetti Con Poplette, Salmon al Pistachio e Spinaci and Tagliatelle Ragu di Polloproviding a truly forgiving experience with every course.

Rounding out the experience with savory sweets for an immersive experience, the menu includes delicious date cheesecake pouring unique layers of crispy filo, cheesecake cream and date sauce. For those looking to indulge, they can also opt for the Cannoli di Ricotta, originating from the coasts of Sicily, which brings a unique twist to a lemon sorbet simmered in a dark chocolate and pistachio cream sauce merging the different flavors in every bite.

A blend of cultivated elegance this Ramadan

Gather with family and friends this holy month at GIA. Guests will enjoy an exceptional Iftar with a specially curated menu served directly to the table for a family-style sharing experience.

Price: AED 189 per person including a selection of dates and Ramadan drinks


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