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KOCHI: The biggest irony surrounding the excise decision to apply Kerala foreign liquor rules and Abkari law is that major universities in the state, including Kerala University, Calicut University and MG University, have prescribed beverage service as part of their hotel management. syllabus for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The course includes food service theory and practice. Thus, trainers, students and employees in the field of hotel management see in this law a clear case of gender bias.
A few of the trainers who have been preparing students to work in the service industry for over 20 years said they weren’t even aware of the existence of such an archaic rule and condemned it, the calling it a blow to the tourism industry in Kerala. together. Employees and trainers in the hotel management sector felt that enforcing these rules would only reinforce the existing patriarchal mindset of the company.

Priya PL, a Kochiite who has worked in the hotel management industry for almost 18 years, chose to become a teacher in this field last year. She said the hospitality industry has witnessed an influx of female applicants and that is a welcome change. “During the training period, learn how to serve food and drink. If women can’t do the same in this state when they graduate, where do they expect us to find jobs? In my first organizations, women were preferred for the service sections. But such rules would force good candidates to look for jobs in other metropolitan cities,” she said.

Many training institutes and colleges were unaware of the current ban on female bartenders in Kerala. Vinson Mathew, director of the Academy for Catering Technology, pointed out that if this rule is about the safety of employees around alcohol, then women who attend room service or even customers who come into a bass are also at risk. . “So why is there a bartender-only restriction?” he asks.


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