Mortgage Simulation Apartment Loans

Along with the development of economy and lifestyle , now many types of dwellings can be chosen according to their needs and desires.

For example, houses, houses, shop houses, flat towers, and so on. One type of new residence in Indonesia that is now starting to mushroom is an apartment that often sprang up to continue to facilitate the search for a place to live.

Mortgage Simulation for Your New Spouse

Mortgage Simulation for Your New Spouse

With all its conveniences, the apartment began to become one of the most targeted types of residences, ranging from employees or single students to newly married couples.

Now, because of the high interest of the buyer against the type of housing that is now an apartment can also be indented like a motor vehicle you know.

That is, the buyer will order and pay in advance even though the property has not been built.

When you hear it, of course a question arises,

“Is it safe to buy a house or apartment indentically? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to buying ready-made property? ”

Of course this property indent system has several advantages, including:

Of course this property indent system has several advantages, including:

  • Indent property selling prices tend to be cheaper and are usually given a discount or attractive promotional program.
  • Because the price is cheap, indent property is a good type of investment.
  • Prospective buyers can choose the desired property location.
  • The ease of payment offered by the seller, for example a down payment that can be paid in installments.

But is it safe to buy an indent property? Unfortunately, in addition to various advantages, Indent property also has the following disadvantages:

  • It is possible that the property will not sell well and the construction will stop. Your money is most likely already taken away by the developer and will not return.
  • The buyer does not know the actual shape of the building and sometimes the results do not match expectations.
  • It is more difficult to obtain a mortgage from a bank because of the BI policy regarding indent mortgages.
  • The location of the building is usually still quiet and undeveloped.

For you new partners, let’s get to know more about indent apartment loans through mortgage mortgages from the KPA BTN case study from Sara Monday below:

Get to know 2 types of flowers and 3 types of interest calculations

Before entering the KPR simulation for indent apartment credit, you need to know various types of interest and how to calculate them.

There are 2 types of interest used in KPR, namely:


Fixed rate

Is an interest rate that has been set at the beginning of the credit and is fixed. In other words it will not change even though market conditions fluctuate.

Variable rate

Variable rate

Is an interest rate that is not fixed, so it will change over time according to market conditions.

Next, let’s look at 3 types of interest calculations that are often used in mortgages or other properties:

Flat method

Interest calculation where the installments, interest, and principal installments are the same every month.

Effective Method

Effective Method

Interest calculation will be carried out at the end of the installment period, where the interest will be calculated from the credit balance every month. The interest value is getting smaller because the principal value will decrease every month.

Annuity Method

Annuity Method

It is a modification of the calculation of the effective interest rate where the monthly installments will be the same but the composition of the interest and principal installments change each period.